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12/6/02 - I suspect that leaving my e-mail address on this page has resulted in excessive spam, and an especially offensive e-mail I received today (using my e-mail address in the 'from' line!) was the absolute final straw. Until I figure out how to keep this data from being mined by less scrupulous folk, I'm keeping my contact info off of this page. Please bear with me! If you would like to send me an e-mail, please send it to stevepayneatmindspringdotcom. 8-)

6/10/01 - Today I post a significant update to the Samuel Hills Paine line, thanks to extensive research by Esther Ruth Clark Hamilton. My sincerest thanks to Phyllis Steimel for sharing it with me. Enjoy!

5/27/01 - This site has been in need of an update for quite some time, and I thank longtime visitors for their patience. Hopefully, you will find some new information here that will be of use. Since the last update, I have been much more careful about citations, and I have gleaned many more links (and ancestors!) through internet research. Drop me a line and tell me what you think!

5/22/99 - It has been my honor to research my family roots over the past year. There have been many notable Paines and Paynes in American history, beginning with my 9th great grandfather, Stephen Paine, who brought his family to New England from Great Ellingham, Norfolk, England in 1638. Above left is a photograph of William Alfred Paine, co-founder of PaineWebber brokerage house, and my fourth cousin four times removed. On the right is a portrait of John Paine, born in 1776, my second cousin six times removed. He was also known as Squire Paine, and was Justice of the Peace, Judge of Probate, and Representative to the Connecticut legislature. Did you know there was a Painesville, Ohio? It was founded by Gen. Edward Paine, my second cousin seven times removed. Then there's Paynesville, Minnesota, founded by Edwin Payne (possibly my fifth cousin four times removed, although I haven't quite established the link). Vermont's 18th governor was Charles Paine, my third cousin five times removed. Last but not least is my great great grandfather, Edward Briton Payne, Civil War veteran, and the first doctor in Towner and McHenry County, North Dakota. See their biographies inside! In the middle is the Payne Coat of Arms, whose elements are: BLAZON OF ARMS: Gules a fesse between two lions passant argent; CREST: A lion's gamb couped argent grasping a broken spear; MOTTO: Malo mori quam foedari (Rather death before dishonor).

Thank you for visiting! This is very much a work in progress, so please bookmark this page and check in often. My greatest thanks go to Willy Paine, Jay Johnston, Alden Rosbrook, Judy Teske and countless others whose websites and GEDCOMs have provided so much of the information presented here. Wherever possible, I have marked the sources of my information so you can research on your own. The website itself was formed in about ten minutes (no kidding!) by Reunion 6 for Macintosh by Leister Productions. If there's a better geneaology program out there, I haven't found it! From there, I have done minor tweaking to this index page using Adobe PageMill. Items overlap? Links don't work? Text hard to read? Let me know!


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