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Name Gen. Edward Paine
Birth 27 Jan 1745/46, Ellington, Connecticut
Death 21 Aug 1841, Painesville, Ohio
Father Stephen Paine IV (1708-~1797)
Mother Deborah Skinner (1710-1797)
1 Betsey King
Birth 1 Dec 1748, North Bolton, Connecticut
Death 14 Aug 1795, Aurora, New York
Marriage 7 Sep 1769, North Bolton, Connecticut
Children Elizabeth (1770-1827)
Roxilina (1772-1837)
Joel (1774-1774)
Edward (1776-1849)
Joel (1778-1813)
Nancy (1782-1858)
Lydia (1786-1856)
Charles Henry (1788-1859)
Asahel King (1790-1870)
2 Rebecca Loomis
Birth 1759
Death 4 Oct 1815, Painsville, Ohio
Marriage 23 Jan 1796, Painsville, Ohio
Children Sally Maria (1797-1863)
John Walworth (1799-1833)
Eliza (1802-1888)
3 Lorena Hovey
Death 9 Jan 1846, Norwalk, Ohio
Marriage 26 Jun 1816, Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania
Notes for Gen. Edward Paine
He entered the patriot army in 1775 from Bolton, Connecticut and was comissioned an ensign on May 1, 1775 in Captain Parson's Company, Colonel Waterbury's Regiment of the Connecticut militia and served until Dec. 1, 1775. In June 1776, he was comissioned first lieutenant in Captain Birge's company, Colonel Comfort Sage's Connecticut Regiment and served seven months. On March 21, 1777 he was comissioned lieutenant of the 5th Company of the Alarm List, 19th regiment of the Connecticut militia and on May 23, 1777, he was comissioned captain of the same organization and served as captain for two years to the close of the year. He was allowed a pension on his application executed Aug 11, 1832 while a resident of Painesville, Geauga County. After the war, he moved to Amenia, Dutchess County, New York and later settled at Aurora, New York. While living in Aurora New York, 1792 to 1794, he was appointed lieutenant colonel commandment of one of the regiments in Onondaga County, In 1798, the militia of the county was formed into a brigade and Edward was appointed Brigadier general. He represented his district in the legislature in 1798 and 1799. His son came to Ohio and talked his father into moving to Ohio. The John Walworth family had settled here and they were good friends of the Paines. On March 31, 1800, he started with a large party for Ohio where he settled and founded the town of Painesville. He was insturmental in talking our ancestor Eleazer into moving to Painesville. In October of 1800, he was elected to the Territorial Legislature . One of the things that he did in Ohio was lay out the Old Chilicothe Road under the authority of the state in 1802.
MARRIAGE: Bolton, CT, vital records. See The Telegraph, Sat., July 5, 1975, p. 3, "Painesville named after General Paine," by Mildred Steed. See "General Edward Paine: Pioneer Settler of Lake County", by Carl Thomas Engel.
DEATH: The Telegraph, Painesville, OH, Vol. Vii, No. 83, Wed., Sept. 1, 1841; Obituary.14

He entered the army in 1775 and eventually became a captain. His company was discharged at the end of seven month's enlistment. He again entered the service in June 1776, as 1st Lieutenant in Captain Briggs' Company; was ordered to New York and was in the army at the time of the retreat to White Plains. At the expiration of his term of service when he was discharged on December, 1776. In 1777 he was commissioned Lieutenant of the 5th Company, of the alarm list in the 19th Regiment of Connecticut Militia, and later, in 1777, was made Captain of the same company and served as such until the close of the war. Later he moved to New York State, locating on a point of the Susquehanna River, whence he moved to Aurora. Foe several sessions he was a representative in the NYS Legislature and was made a Brigadier General of the Militia. In the fall of 1796 he conceived the project of making an excursion into Ohio for the purpose of trading with the Indians. With this in view, he and his oldest son, Edward Paine, Jr., started on a perilous journey. They reached the mouth of the Cuyahoga, now the site of Cleveland, and selected a place at which to establish themselves. After serving actively in the Revolutionary War, General Edward Payne, removed first to western New York State and afterwards to Ohio where he founded Painesville. "His history & charactor deserve more extended notice that can be given in this record." stated the writer of "Pedigree of Stephen Paine of Rehoboth"15
Misc. Notes
Source: Encyclopaedia Britanica

Painesville, city, seat (1840) of Lake County, northeastern Ohio, U.S., near the mouth of the Grand River and Lake Erie, 30 mi northeast of Cleveland. The site, first settled permanently by Gen. Edward Paine with a party of 66, was laid out around 1805; it was known variously as The Opening, Oak Openings, and Champion (for Henry Champion, original owner of the plot). In 1816 the community was renamed to honour Paine and was incorporated as a village in 1832. Jonathan Goldsmith, an architect of the Western Reserve period, built many elegant home there in the 1820s, some of which survive. The Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula (now Penn Central) Railroad came through in 1853, and the nursery business, now extensive, began in 1854. Lake Erie College (founded as Willoughby Seminary for women in 1847) was moved to Painesville in 1856. The village remained mainly residential and became a city in 1902. Since 1940 it has developed industrially as part of Lake Erie's "Chemical Shore." Pop. (1980) 16,391.20
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